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The "Yellow Jersey" Hall of Shame

In the Burst Balloons TA, it's a tradition that at each away game the Yellow Jersey is awarded to the member who is the most "burst", before, during, or after the game!

Although Skipper won the YJ at the Wales match in Dublin on 25th May, he only got to be the holder for 4 days...until the game against the Republic on 29th May!  For the first time ever, the Burst Balloons' Yellow Jersey is held jointly: Dr Death and QM putting in sterling performances!





 May 29th 2011  Republic of Ireland (Dublin)  QM and Dr Death
 May 25th 2011  Wales (Dublin)  Skipper
 Mar 27th 2011  Brazil (London)  Gnasher
 Feb 9th 2011  N. Ireland (Dublin)  Dale
 Oct 8th 2010  Czech Republic  Dr Death
 Sept 3rd 2010  Lithuania  Killie Pie Man
 Aug 11th 2010  Sweden  Bobby
 Nov 14th 2009  Cardiff  Billy
 Aug 19th 2009  Norway  Killie Pie Man
 March 28th 2009  Netherlands  Gawy Gweene
 Sept 10th 2008  Iceland  Dale
 Sept 6th 2008  Macedonia  Scoop Sluman
 May 30th 2008  Czech Republic  Killie Pie Man
 Oct 17th 2007  Georgia  Hammy
 Sep 12th 2007  France  Bobby "Mr Bean"
 June 6th 2007  Faroes  Killie Pie Man
 May 31st 2007  Austria  Andy B
 Mar 28th 2007  Italy  Junior Balloon
 Oct 11th 2006  Ukraine  Cleggy Broon
 Sep 6th 2006  Lithuania  Gawy Gweene
 Oct 12th 2005  Slovenia  Paul (Captain)
 Sept 7th 2005  Norway  Dr Death
 June 8th 2005  Belarus  Dougie from Edinburgh (Honorary)
 March 26th 2005  Italy  Dale
 Oct 13th 2004  Moldova  Dave from Elgin (Honorary)
 Sept 3rd 2004  Spain  Dr Death
 May 27th 2004  Estonia  Dr Death
 April 28th 2004  Denmark  Rab
 Feb 18th 2004  Wales  Dale
 Nov 19th 2003  Holland  Stevie
 Aug 20th 2003  Norway  Bobby
 June 7th 2003  Germany  Rab
 April 2nd 2003  Lithuania  Bobby
 Oct 12th 2002  Iceland  Geordie
 March 27th 2002  France  Dale
 Sept 5th 2001  Belgium  Dale
 Oct 7th 2001  San Marino  Dale
 Apr 25th 2001  Poland  Mick

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