slovenia2005wc slovenia2005wc Who ate all the Killie Pies, says Billy 12929465 Tony takes up his usual the bar 12929466 Hawkeye meets and greets! 12929481 Two Canadian girls, Kindle and Amy, laugh when Dale tells them he's only turned 40 today! 12929467 Birthday Cake Time! 12929482 Dale is pleased that we got him a cake... 12929468 Cuddling up to something sweet... 12929483 Paul, John (Killie Pie Man), and Stuart 12929469 Hawkeye meets his match! 12929470 The first of many Burst Balloons on this trip... 12929471 George, Burst Balloon 12929472 Billy meets an refugee 12929473 Northern Ireland fans at the airport 12929474 Gary, Burst Balloon 12929475 Tony, still a Burst Balloon 12929476 Big Paul..the shape of things to come. Burst on the first night. 12929477 As usual, Gary sets a good example by drinking capuccino... 12929478 Dale's first attempt at camouflage 12929479 Jungle camouflage 12929480 Dale gets lost in the jungle 12929501 Billy and Paul meets some girls 12929502 Arriving at Treviso 12929484 Which way to Slovenia? 12929503 Dale remembers that he turned 40 yesterday! 12929485 The boys are in town 12929504 Paul, Burst Balloon 12929486 Dale has a "wee" sit down 12929505 The rest of us stand up for a "wee" minute 12929487 First drink in Llubjiana 12929506 The Three Bridges area 12929488 This place used to be quiet! 12929507 The Boys are Here! 12929489 Aww Naww! It's Sir William Wallace and Lady Pocahontas 12929508 Group photie! 12929490 Just to prove we EAT as well as drink 12929509 George, Big Paul, Andy and Tony 12929491 Twins?! 12929510 A shot of the rarely spotted Hammy! 12929511 George, Dale and Hammy enjoy a beverage at night 12929512 John (Killie Pie Man) receives the latest update on pie sales 12929513 Billy meets more girls 12929514 Gary, Graham, and John with some stray waifs... 12929515 Graham meets the only ugly Slovenian girl in Llubjiana! 12929516 John is determined to show her how good the Killie Pies are, and orders some by text. 12929517 The side of our luxury hotel in Llubljiana 12929518 Dale, Gary and Billy act like tourists 12929519 Cultural explorations! 12929520 Walking up a lane (thanks Billy - interesting photo!) 12929521 Helen gives instructions on the Irish! 12929522 More watering of the plants 12929523 John tells the Celje police escorting us into town how good his pies are! 12929524 Prematch aperitifs in Celje 12929525 Main road in Celje! 12929526 Ludo (Mr Interesting) gets interviewed for 4 hours on tv 12929527 The police decide Ludo has been on long enough, and wait to pounce! 12929492 More aperitifs 12929493 Advertsing again! 12929494 Waving the flags! 12929495 John points the way to the nearest Killie pie stall 12929496 Say AYE to a Killie Pie 12929497 Gary gives a hand to this Slovenian Model! 12929498 Another step down the road to that Yellow Jersey Paul! 12929499 Flying the flag 12929500 Getting ready to go to the game 12929541 This guy wasn't keen on the Killie Pies! 12929528 The three toilets set aside for us at the ground! 12929542 Flags inside the ground 12929529 Some of the Burst Balloons 12929543 Our flag at the corner of the ground 12929530 More flags 12929544 Warm up 12929531 Horse Balloon, Casper, and Dr Death 12929545 Team lines 12929546 Paul laughs in the face of the Yellow Jersey 12929532 Paul and Andy 12929533 Who ate all the Killie Pies? You fat fat ate all the pies! 12929534 What a result! 12929535 Hawkeye shows what happens when you east three Killie Pies! 12929536 Part-time employment for the Burst Balloons?? 12929537 Waiting to go home 12929538 Billy commiserates with some Polish fans at Stansted 12929539 The Yellow Jersey has been awarded to Big Paul! 12929540 Dale meets his match in this prison officer! 12929561