USA USA At the Boswell, pre-game 12929433 Paul and Dale 12929434 Sir William Wallace impersonates Elvis 12929435 Mine hosts at the Boswell 12929436 The drinks are on Sir William...aye right! 12929437 Never slow to miss a trick... 12929438 Why the blue face?! 12929439 Dale and Jacqueline 12929440 Bobby gets Prince Albert out for the girls 12929441 Tony..aka Elvis 12929442 Prince Albert? Where?! 12929443 Sir William is a blur! 12929444 Boswell 12929445 Paul and his weans 12929446 At the game 12929447 As close as we got to cheering! 12929448 Dale and his adopted weans! 12929396 Eddie sidles in! 12929449 Bobby recruits Tiffany to the Burst Balloons! 12929397 Hammy and Rikki 12929450 At the game 12929398 Dale meets another wee flower This flower is a wallflower, and wants to remain anonymous! 12929451 Hammy and Cindy at Paul's house 12929399 Bobby has a pow wow with Sir William 12929452 More drinking fun 12929453 Pocahontas makes her point 12929400 Doigy downs another 12929454 Junior Balloons skulks in the background 12929455 Hail to the Chief 12929456 The junior Balloons 12929457 Paul and Eddie 12929458 More weans 12929459 Andy celebrates! 12929460 Dale and another young girl! 12929461 What is he like?!!! 12929462 Billy and Doigy do the tango 12929463 Polish recruit to the Burst Balloons 12929464