Burst Balloons Tartan Army

Scotland all Over the World

Italy, 26th March 2005 - World Cup Qualifier (San Siro, Milan)

Twelve Burst Balloons made this a memorable trip.

The winner of the coveted Yellow Jersey, after a secret ballot and following a Steward's Enquiry, was....DALE. Watch the video of the award!


Memorable Moment Award, and there were many candidates...on the flight from Stansted to Milan, as the plane is about to land, the stewardess asks Hammy to fasten his belt for landing. Hammy, half-cut, immediately sits up and fastens his belt. Stewardess thanks him, but then suggests that he would be safer if he had fastened his SEAT belt, rather than his KILT belt!! A classic!

Rab shows off pictures of Yvonne on his new phone!

Hammy introduces himself to Penny (hidden from sight!)

Penny tries on Glengarry for size at Prestwick.

Penny, again, admiring the size of Robert's sporran!

Penny tries on Paul's doublet for size.

The new Ryanscare uniform?

The Burst Balloons campsite, in Stansted Airport!

A Robert meets a Bobby. The hat suits Rab, don't you think!

Dale, foxy, and Robert meet an Irish Dancing Champion, and her chaperone mum. Mother wasn't too happy at the attention her dancing queen was getting from the Balloons!

Dale's wondering what day it is...the first of many!

Hammy and Dale have had enough, on the flight to Milan.

The aliens have landed!

First Class travel to Milan on Italian Railways! Gary and Paul chill out.

Rab sits beside a Burst Balloon Blues Brother - Billy!

Planes, trains, automobiles...and now trams!

Milan obviously knew that the Balloons were arriving...

Gary and Paul admire Milan's Cathedral. It'll be nice when it's finished...

Duomo Square, as the TA begin to party (thanks to the local off-licence!)

Let the good times begin!

It's amazing the lengths some people will go to in order to win a bet...Billy!

This refined lady shows how looks can be deceiving. She was enquiring as to whether anything was worn under one's kilt!

Paul checks out whether SHE'S wearing anything under her's...

A rare event - someone making on to the statue before the Carabinieri pounced!

Someone else breaches the tight security to hang a flag in Duomo square.

Flags at the Daily Retard beer tent.

Dale finally finds bigger bollocks than his own!

The beer tent (tent? where's the bloody tent then?).

The Burst Balloons get the flag out for the lads...

Burst Balloon flag behind the goals at the San Siro.

Dale meets yet another friend inside the San Siro!

A friendly greeting from Rab in Brescia.

A bar in Brescia (Incidentally, Brescia has nicer people, and nicer bards, than Milan!

Rab, finally, gets his shirt off on this trip. Wouldn't be the same if Rab didn't get his tits out!

Wondering where her OTHER hand is? Me too!

Wondering where GARY's other hand is? But where's Speedy's hand?!!

Another bar in Brescia.

Rab gets a t-shirt to show his support for bunnies...

Another Burst Balloon (Hammy) has had enough, on the flight home.

Dsepite all those early night's (9.30pm on the first night in Milan he was in bed!), Dale catches up on more sleep - again. This was one of the major factors in the award of the Yellow Jersey for Italy 2005.

Burst Balloons prepare for their arduous journey to Milan, in the bar at Prestwick. Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Another Brescia bar (Brescia REALLY is better than Milan for nightlife!). Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Gary, Paul, Dale, Penny, and Rab at Prestwick. Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Shall we dance? Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Sorry Dale, it's too late to propose again! Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Gary proudly receives the Yellow Jersey, following his performance in Spain in 2004. Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Sleeping accommodation at Stansted is rather basic! Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

That might be Gary's legs in that kilt, but his head has obviously been taken by aliens... Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Gary listening to a load of pish in the hotel in Milan! Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

A rare sight...Dale getting some money! Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Hammy gets familiar with the Carabinieri in Duomo Square. Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

The Balloons in Duomo Square. Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Now this is really being PROUD of your country. Bet it itches like hell though! Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Foxy crashes on the train back to Brescia. Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

A very very Burst Balloon. Gary gets christened "Dr. Death", on account of him looking like "death warmed up" much of the time! Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Who lies beneath...can you guess?! Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Yet another bar in Brescia (the one with all the tasty free food! Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

Who's a cheeky boy then...! Thanks to Hammy for this photo.

The bar at the Ibis Hotel was quiet enough for this member of TA, who shall remain nameless!